TEFL Training for New Teachers

TEFL Training for New Teachers

TEFL Training for New Teachers

Teaching your First English Class…

Be Confident!

Know What to Do,

When to Do it

and How to Do it!

If you missed out on getting a TEFL certificate, this is the place to get some basic training so you don’t find yourself embarrassed by not knowing some of the common vocabulary and aspects of TEFL methods.

This is a course for beginners that covers the basics and will help you to structure a class, to write a lesson plan and to teach a few of the specialty courses that often pay more, such as writing, listening and pronunciation.

Fifty-seven pages of MEAT – no fluff, no filler – this is essentially a RESOURCE book and you WILL know the basics when you finish this course, usually within only a few days.

This eBook comes with a bonus free download of the 66-page Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers and two writing EFL writing manuscripts to help you get up to speed quickly.

Links are provided to many supplemental readings that will enhance your understanding of teaching methodology and MUCH more.

This fun and light-hearted grammar review is included with your purchase of TEFL Training for New Teachers

WHO can afford to take 4-6 weeks off with no pay while spending up to US$2000 or even much more on a full blown TEFL Certification course?

Most people can’t, but YOU still want to have good teaching skills.
YOU want to provide excellent teaching to your students.
YOU want to feel good about what you are doing.

Try this bargain-priced alternative that you can put on a flash drive and review whenever you need it.

Contents include:

  • TEFL Methodology: How to structure lessons to maximize learning
  • Lesson Plans: What goes into a lesson plan – what your employer or interviewer will be looking for in a lesson plan – How to beat out the competition!
  • Boardwork: How to best organize your Boardwork to maximize learning – KNOW what so few other teachers know!
  • Grammar: WHY you need to know it and why your students expect and NEED you to know it – includes a link for a FREE download of the well known Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers – a 66-page eBook that makes learning grammar fun.
  • Teaching Pronunciation: How many TEFL newbies know how to teach pronunciation?  Here’s how YOU can get a leg up on the competition
  • Teaching Reading:  Learn and understand how non-native speakers best learn to read a foreign language.  Once you know it – it’s EASY.
  • Teaching Writing:  The course every TEFL newbie fears teaching. Make yourself the most VALUABLE teacher at your school!
  • Teaching Listening: Interesting concepts in teaching listening that TEFL newbies have never heard of!
  • Error Correction:  When and how should you correct a student’s errors?
  • Discipline: This giant headache CAN be EASILY managed!
  • Student Motivation: What drives your students and how you can tap into it to make your classroom fun and easy!
  • Gestures and Cueing:  Your students don’t know English well, so they often have no idea what you are asking them to do.  How to use your body and gestures to help things along, making life easier for you AND your students!
  • Games and Activities: How to have a little more fun in the classroom so your students really enjoy studying with you – and so YOU enjoy it too
  • “Edutainment” – The good and the bad – How to deal with it – What to do about it
  • Business English: When, how, who and why you might want to try your hand at this specialty and increase your income by 50-100%!
  • Teaching ESP:  Nope, it’s not “Extra Sensory Perception” – it’s English for Special (or Specific) Purposes
  • Demonstration Lessons: What an employer/interviewer is looking for when they ask you to do a “Demo Lesson”.  Once you know – it’s EASY! – and you can relax and beat the competition.

All that and more in this powerful information-packed eBook.  It includes links to learn more – and Three FREE BONUS eBooks.

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TEFL Training for New Teachers