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Teach Hotel English – Teach English in the world’s most desirable destinations

Teach Hotel English in Resorts and Hotels Around the World!


Why not teach English in the most desirable settings in the TEFL industry?

Imagine yourself teaching  in a five-star luxury resort on the beach on a tropical island or in a fabulous destination. Why not!

Aren’t These Jobs Heavily Contested?  Very Competitive?


If you are serious and are on the scene – can you get the job?


If you have a pocket full of lesson plans and know what the staff need and HOW TO TEACH IT.

WILL you get that job?


Look in the best places in the world for your TEFL job.  Buy this eBook and you are READY to land that super job!

What the Hotel English eBook can do for you:

  • Help you prepare for the interview
  • Help you know what to do after landing a hotel job
  • Help you prepare for classes
  • Provide materials for classes
  • Tell you specifically what to teach
  • Tell you how to teach these things
  • Tell you how to assess student progress

Hotel English contains easy-to-use, ready-made lessons that provide all of the above and more. Each lesson plan covers a specific function that hotel staff are likely to encounter.

Let’s pause for a minute and talk about this topic.

What are functions?

Functions are simply specific situations or circumstances that speakers may face when interacting with others, such as greetings, asking for a order or giving directions. Functional lesson plans offer students sentence and grammatical structures, phrases and vocabulary that are specific to the different functions.

Why is this important?

It is important because it allows students to learn usable English that can be applied immediately when interacting with guests. Functions can be easily adapted to cover any number of situations that a hotel employee may encounter.

How do functions differ from traditional English lessons?

Traditional English lessons may focus on sentence structure, word order, verb usage, vocabulary use and development, and rules of use for the various parts of speech. Granted, all these are needed and useful, but not necessarily easily transferred to actual usage to improve and facilitate communication on the job.

What functions are included in these lessons?

  • Greeting Guests
  • Dealing with Requests
  • Asking for Permission
  • Problems and Complaints
  • Making Comparisons
  • Compliments
  • Offering Help and Advice
  • Opinions
  • Giving Instructions
  • Hotel Facilities
  • Days and Time
  • Describing Jobs
  • Describing Functions
  • Directions
  • Shopping
  • Telephone Use
  • Bill Settlement
  • Wh_ Questions
  • Can and Do Questions
  • Verb Tenses and Usage
  • Parts of Speech

In addition to the lesson plans themselves, the 137 page eBook  contains student exercises, worksheets, activities and games that can be used in the classrooms to reinforce student learning.

Also included is information on:

  1. What to do after landing a hotel teaching job
  2. Preparing for the classes
  3. Materials for the classes
  4. What specifically to teach
  5. How to teach these things
  6. Assessing student progress

You are probably thinking…

Can’t I find free lesson plans on the Internet?  Why should I pay for them?

Sure, there are hundreds of sites on the Internet that have lesson plans.

BUT those lessons . .  .

  • will not be geared specifically to the hotel industry
  • will not cover all the functions and situations that are encountered in the hotel industry
  • will not be in one easy-to-find place

If you prefer, you can spend hours and hours searching the Internet or other resources to find just the right materials. Or you could save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by getting it all in one place.

It’s up to you!

You can spend untold amounts of time looking for free materials on the Internet OR you can spend time on other sites that you enjoy.

You can spend your valuable free time re-writing and adapting the free lessons to meet your specific purposes.

You can spend a few hours everyday putting together lesson plans OR you can sleep a little later each morning.

You can become increasing frustrated at searching and searching for just the right materials, only to find it is not just quite right OR you can buy exactly what you need right here, right now!

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