Advanced TEFL Training

Advanced TEFL Training

Advanced TEFL Training

Get the BEST Jobs Teaching English Abroad

You may enjoy teaching “conversation classes” but do you feel you could do more?

Picture yourself teaching classes that pay MORE and earning the respect of your employer and peers by teaching the more advanced courses at your school.

The results:

  1. Teaching the higher prestige classes that are actually EASIER to teach!
  2. Getting the higher wages that you deserve.

As you study the Advanced TEFL Skills Course, you will learn:

The confidence and skills that you need to teach exam preparation courses such as TOEFL®, IELTS®, TOEIC® and other standardized tests

The knowledge and ability to teach writing courses, Business English courses and other ESP courses

This course will increase your wages while you will work less and enjoy your work more knowing you providing what you students have paid for.

It’s EASY!

You may not have the skills yet but the Advanced TEFL Course will give them to you.

You already know that many EFL teachers are anxious about:

  • teaching writing
  • facing the smart students that take the TOEFL® and IELTS® exams
  • teaching Business English

You may also know that:

The higher level classes will quickly reveal a lack of knowledge of grammar and English (and they will!)

Hiding out in the “easy” conversation classes, usually teaching young kids, won’t reveal what a teacher doesn’t know about teaching English and they are right.  And those classes often pay poorly.

More advanced classes when compared to “conversation” classes:

Are easier to teach (once you know how)

Have more highly motivated students

Have fewer students in each class

Have FAR fewer discipline problems

Doesn’t that sound a whole lot EASIER?!

The Advanced TEFL Skills Course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need quickly and easily!

It’s NOT a difficult course.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. How to teach TOEFL®, IELTS®, and TOEIC® examinations
  2. How to teach writing, from sentences to paragraphs to essays
  3. How to teach listening and reading courses
  4. How to teach lucrative Business English and ESP [English for Special Purposes] courses

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Advanced TEFL Training

Advanced TEFL Training

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